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  • Scott F. Parker

I Said Go

Go. First word, best word. Go. Go and keep going. Go until your time is up, which it soon will be. Like life? Yes, just like life. What brings you to this run? God, the universe, history? Let’s call it luck. It doesn’t matter. Here you are. Have you arrived? If you are practicing, you are practicing what? If running is devotional, you are devoting yourself to what? Commitment—same question. Do you come to running to meet yourself, to acquaint with facts, with biology, with body? To confront reality, to prepare for death? Would you say that when you chase after yourself, you elude yourself, too? Legs on a snake, ouroboros on the run. Only running, really running, may you arrive at the Hindu notion of lila—to play is to play. So, go, play. I said go. What are you waiting for? Go. I said go.

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